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I caught the Show in NYC Tuesday Night. A Great Show. The vocals and instrumentation were right on. The “appearance” of the Band was uncanny! I actually enjoyed The Soft Parade much better than the ROTS Show with Manzarek and Krieger. I’ll be back on 8/24. JDM-RIP.
— Angelo N
I just saw The Soft Parade at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville and they were absolutely spectacular! Not only did they sound just like The Doors, but they all had the moves! I was so impressed. I was too young to see The Doors when they were around, so I’m glad that I got to experience this. I can’t wait for the next show.
— Lisa!
I went to see this show after waiting in extreme anticipation for like a month–and oh my god it was definitely worth the wait. It was the only show that has actually brought me to tears. I got my picture with Joe Russo and was astounded by his voice and by how well he portrayed Morrison…if he was here today, I’m sure he would be proud. I wasn’t alive for the actual doors, but now I feel I have gotten the experience, anyway. That was amazing and I can’t wait to see it again!!!
— Chloe, Bournetled
Let me tell you about THE SOFT PARADE!
I’ve been waiting for about 3 months for these guys to come to the local bar in my area, The Wharf Tavern. Now I would first like to say that it is very hard for me to watch somebody that is not Jim Morrison sing the songs of the Doors (unless it’s great). I pretty much knew it was gonna be a good time that night watching The Soft Parade play but let me tell you I got ALOT more. I watched each member walk in the door and I got chills. Before they started to play I was able to get a picture with Joe out front of the bar, which is now my computer’s wallpaper. Anyway I am only 21 years old and did not have to opportunity to see the real Doors play back in the day so now I try and see anything that is like them. Well these guys started to play and it was GREAT. They moved like the Doors, played like the Doors, and Joe Russo was right on the mark with Jim. From the tambourine and the maracas to cupping his ear just like Jim use to do.
THE SOFT PARADE is a must see for any Doors fan! I would first like to thank the band for carrying on the legend of The Doors and coming to The Wharf. Second I want to thank the guys at the Wharf who booked the band to play there, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Well I hope to see The Soft Parade again sometime, preferably at The Wharf again.
— Jim Christy, Aston, PA
I’d seen The Soft Parade at B.B. King’s in NYC earlier this year. I thought they were great and when I checked out the website & found that they were playing at a niteclub by my house on my 40th birthday, I was thrilled. I’d discovered the Doors in the summer of 81 when the “revival” began. I was 15. I had my long curly hair and wrote poetry and just did everything to be like Jim Morrison. I spent all the money I earned in crummy jobs on Doors stuff. I still have most of it.
When I saw them at BB Kings, I guess I was expecting “posers” but was very pleasantly surprised to see a real replica of the Doors. The singer doesn’t overdo it like Val Kilmer did in The Doors movie. He’s perfect.
Anyway, my wife called the club weeks before my birthday & arranged to get the VIP area next to the stage. When I arrived that night, I spoke with guys in the band (singer & keyboard player) before they went on stage. I mentioned one of my favorite & under-rated Doors songs “Wintertime Love” to them and they PLAYED IT and dedicated it to me even though it’s not exactly what the “greatest hits type” crowd wanted to hear. It was flawless. Suddenly, I was that 15 year old Doors fan again even though I was celebrating my 40th birthday.
I have to say it was one of the best birthday’s I ever had. I want to thank The Soft Parade very much for a GREAT evening. Please consider me a fan at this point and anytime you guys are in the area, I’ll be there with my friends.
Thomas DiBenedetto, Commack, NY
Is everybody in…?
Well, if not, you need to be:
I 1st saw “The Soft Parade” years ago in a seedy biker bar in Garfield, NJ. Then I moved out of the area but followed their career visa vee their website. Then I had the immaculate pleasure of catching their double set gig at The Red Lion in NYC day before New Year’s Eve of 04’… I had forgotten how intense these four men were and how capable of transporting me to the late 60’s/early 70’s, a time I had been born 4 years to late.
Needless to say I have moved back to NJ recently and went to see the band play at Dingbatz in Garfield, NJ. I swear they got even better than the last time I saw them. I hate sounding like some groupie, but it blows me away that Joe can nail every chord on guitar and Mike works hand in hand with Joe’s singing as he fades into soulful poetic moments ever so reminiscent of the Jim… Everytime I see them I feel as if “The Soft Parade” summons the spirit of The Doors and more importantly Jim Morrison.
To all of those who may be a fan of a song or two The Doors created, or you are a real fan and continue to keep the dream alive I whole heartily recommend to catch these four men known as “The Soft Parade.” And I quote “come for the religious experience…”
P.S. “The Soft Parade” is playing at The Red Lion in NY March 23, and I would love to catch them there again, but I do not have a ride. Any takers? I can chip in on gas. I’d hate to miss this show.
— The Dude
I was old enough to attend Doors concerts. I was very moved by your performance at the State Theatre in Falls Church Va.
I was very impressed with the musicianship that the four of you provided for our dining and dancing pleasure. I think most people are distracted by the obvious/subtle fact that the four of you resemble the original Doors. Call it deliberate or fate, no matter.
What I especially liked is the fact that all four of you learned the subtle nuances and personal musical idiosyncrasies that truly made the Doors music what it was and still is. I realize all four a you have had 15 or so years to learn the music.
I feel the four of you have managed to have the essence of the music come alive because each of you understands the pure essence of the musical personalities of the original Doors and have applied this knowledge to the performance.
I have heard many a band play the “songs” of the Doors. I myself have done a few, however none of them/me displayed the important musicality features of the Doors songs. IE how Jim formed his vocal style and how he incorporated maracas and tambourine (a lost art I think), how Robbie plays the guitar (very unorthodox), how Ray’s arpeggio’s and tireless bass lines drive the songs forward and how John’s jazz approach with arms moving all around created a different drum sound.
This I believe is why you guys are so successful. You learned the craft well. This I believe is the quintessential difference that makes bands what they are, a real band! The Doors were a real band. You four are an amazing real band.
Each of you has a musical part to perform and all of you come together so well. My belief is that the body, the hands, the voice and the heart has to all be present in order to find the groove. You four had it all, all the time.
Thank you for reminding me of what a true band is, no matter who’s music it is. I do not see the four of you as a tribute band per se, the music you four make truly is your own music now. A rare feat indeed!
I just checked out your performance at BB Kings this past Saturday Jan 28th and boy let me tell you, you guys blew my mind. The first time I saw you guys was back in 1993 at a small club/bar in NYC. That was the best show I have ever seen in my life, up until this past weekend. I left the show in awe, completely mesmerized on how magnificently you guys performed. You guys seem to get better with age. If you are a Doors fan you owe it to yourself to see this band. They are the real thing. Keep up the incredible work and I can’t wait to see you all again & soon.
BTW, that venue was amazing. Please see to it that you get that location again.
— Omar A
An Intense Visitation of Energy
I watched The Soft Parade perform years ago at a little place in Tribeca. It was small, intimate and everyone was dancing. I had forgotten how awesome of a band they truly are until last night at BB Kings. I was fortunate enough to score some seats at one of the front end tables, so I got to see The Soft Parade in all it’s glory, up close & personal.
It was almost as if the band members were channeling The Doors right through them – from the intoxicating jams to the bewitching performance – it was an outstanding show.
And the drummer Vic Ruiz – pounding on his drums, thumping like a heartbeat, so sensual and soft and then bam! Incredible. A true tribue to John Densmore. I look forward to seeing more. Many, Many Thanks,
— Theresa Meza
I saw you guys play at the State Theatre a few weeks ago, and though I wasn’t alive when The Doors were around, I think you all helped me experience their legacy. Joe Russo especially captured the sex appeal of Jim Morrison. “Gloria” was unbelievably erotic. Whenever the musicians played, they seemed to be in a trance, and well, I just wanted to say thanks for such an awesome night. I sing in a classic rock band with a few of my friends (my guitarist and I went to your concert) and we were really inspired to work on becoming better musicians and performers. Although I doubt we could ever pull off that good a performance. You guys are a total inspiration.
— Ramona
Hey! Your performance this evening in NYC at Acme Underground was nothing short of phenomenal. I’m sure Morrison, if he was still alive today on his birthday, would have totally freaked watching this amazing performance. It was Jim when he was on top of the world. Joe Russo was dead—on as Morrison…and I’ve seen other tribute bands…but with the musicianship and the vintage keyboards and guitars…man was it The Soft Parade of Memorex?
Really…really had a great time. Wild audience. Thanks guys, will check you out again when you’re in the area.
— John Petrocelli, New York
My wife and I recently travelled over 500 miles round-trip top see you play at The Chance theatre in Poughkeepsie, NY. The music was AWESOME. It was kind of eerie standing there and looking up and seeing Jim Morrison standing there at the end of the stage.
— Brian Brant
I recently have seen The Soft Parade perform, and it was an outstanding experience! It was nothing like I had anticipated. I imagined a group of guys attempting bad renditions of Doors songs. This certainly was NOT the case! I was absolutely blown away! Never had I heard of The Soft Parade—and never will I forget. This band has, no doubt in my mind, captured the essence of The Doors. Their fire, their power to gather the audience and take them to the other side. Mesmerized. I am thrilled that you keep the memory of Jim Morrison alive. The poet, the genius. This truly was a great honor, I would not have missed it for the world. THANK YOU.
— M. Magno, MD
If someone would have told me that a DOORS band could bring down the house in Jim Thorpe, Pa. in the year 2000—I would have told them they were dreaming. On Saturday April 22nd that’s exactly what happened. Halfway through the first set, the ENTIRE crowd stood up (the place was a theatre-type setting) and never sat back down until the lights went on at the end of the second set. Knowing that I could never see the DOORS live has always been a real downer. On Saturday the 22nd, thanks to THE SOFT PARADE I no longer have to wonder what I always knew: that the DOORS were the best live band ever!! THANKS for waking up this lad’s soul. The first incision has been made, and the only anesthetic is your music.
Marian L — PA
My name is Jeremy and I was in attendance during the show in Jim Thorpe, Pa. The Soft Parade is exactly like The Doors and do a great job! Everybody played awesome and even looked like the original group. There were times during the show that I wasn’t sure if I was watching The Doors or The Soft Parade, that’s how great you guys were!! I did not now I was in the year 2000, it seemed like the rockin’ 1960’s and 1970’s. We traveled from the Pittsburgh area to see the concert, it was well worth it.
— Jeremy F
The ride from New Hampshire to Mass. was long, but with the help of some friends we made it fun—just thinking of what would happen to our minds when we saw The Soft Parade for the first time. We arrived at the bar and saw Joe Russo at the end of it drinking a beer. That blew our minds! The feeling was great—it was like we were at some bar in the late 60’s with Jim Morrison. The band gave you the feeling that they were The Doors—making you sit and wait for them to come out. Then the band came out from the back one by one and started to play. Then Joe started to sing and the crowd went crazy. This was the best feeling in the world. Thanks for making the music so bright and full of life.
Jason J — NH
Just wanted to say how much of a fan I am. I’m always down for some reason because everyone today is into all that rap and all that other stuff. But me? I look to Jim, Ray, Robby and John.
But I can’t see them—so I come to see you guys. You guys made it seem so real. You made me find out who I am and I just want to thank you for that. I have pics of you in my locker in school and all. People say “who are those guys”? But me, I just turn and smile. I say “a great band that has nothing to do with killing, rape or any of that crap” and I walk away.So thanks for everything.
— Your #1 fan, MIKE
I have to say that I have seen you guys play A LOT. My most memorable time was my 25th Birthday. I’m now 32. I am a huge Doors fan and the resemblance to the look and sound is remarkable. I have always enjoyed your show an truly felt as though I was back in 1969. even though I was, like, two years old.
— HA
Great show last Saturday. I didn’t feel like going out that night but my buddy Charles convinced me, and I’m glad he did. I’ve seen a lot of tribute bands—some good, some bad—but you all transcended my expectations. Not only were the songs note-perfect, they were delivered with passion—something I’m sure is hard to do for you guys after what, two thousand shows? You really packed the house too. And if they paid you well, you deserved it. Thanks for a great night!
— Chris K
I am originally from New York and have seen you guys perform twice and I was absolutely floored!! You are great musicians/performers and you give Jim Morrison the absolute credit he deserves. You have many fans out here in Arizona waiting patiently to see The Soft Parade LIVE and IN PERSON instead of just on the website! I’m the lucky one, though. My parents are flying me home for my Birthday and I will be going to your show!!! Quite a B-day present, huh? Spending the night w/Joe Russo & the boys as I hit the peak of my years :o) I can’t think of turning 30 a better way.
— Your #1 Fan, Linda G
I am a huge Doors fan but am too young to have seen The Doors for myself. But watching The Soft Parade made me feel like I was actually standing in front of them. You guys have it all—the looks, the sound. You are incredible! Joe takes Jim’s persona on so well.
When he walked out onstage I nearly died when I saw him!! Sorry to ramble, but I am just so thrilled to have found you all!! Thanks again for being such an awesome band and for giving me a sense of belonging, if only for a short while!!
I have seen you in November 1998 in Trier, Germany and I think you are the greatest singer since Jim Morrison. I love your music and I hope I can see you in Germany again in 2000.
— Dunja
To Joe and the band-
I just wanted to say thank you for the spectacular performance you gave us at the Poconos Bikers Music Rally. We have received great reviews of your show by the audience, media and staff. In addition to you and your band looking and acting the part—along with your excellent vocals, you are also a promoters joy to work with. You made our job a lot easier.
— Alisa O’Brien – Festival Manager/Coordinator
I’ve seen you guys twice and I think you’re incredible—a time machine back to 1967. Great sound—and Mr. Russo is as close to Morrison as you can get without actually being him. And at times, I would swear that he IS Jim.
— Kevin M
Confessions Of A Soft Parade Junkie
I remember the first time I saw The Soft Parade —back in the summer of 1992. I was way into the Doors’ music at the time and one of my girlfriends recommended that I go check out The Soft Parade who were going to be playing at The Rock and Roll Cafe (now closed-Ed.)
I had never even HEARD of The Soft Parade at the time, and the girlfriend that recommended them had never seen them either—but she had heard from people that they put on a really good show.
I must say I was totally impressed with the performance I saw. The singer was Jim Morrison incarnate. It’s almost eerie—the first time you see Joe Russo walk out on stage, the resemblance is that striking. And when he opens his mouth and starts to sing, you will be transported.
This band was no joke. They were really tight. They do all the Doors tunes you know and love—and some of the ones you would never expect. Their vocal and musical improvisations really give it that on-the-edge “live” concert feeling.
When they took their break in-between sets I actually went and called the girl that recommended them on the phone to tell her how awesome they were. I must have gone to every Soft Parade show that followed after that for the next few years, they were that good!
I haven’t been able to go as frequently as I used to, but I am still a huge fan. Just recently they played near me and still—7 years later—I am still blown away by their performance. As I sit here trying to put into words just how cool this band is, I really am at a loss. Mere words cannot express how The Soft Parade has managed to capture and reproduce a completely mind-blowing Doors experience. It’s simply something you have to experience for yourself.
— Donna, Bayridge, NY
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