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The Soft Parade has toured 20 countries

Learn about the band - when was THE SOFT PARADE formed?

When was THE SOFT PARADE formed?

TSP was formed by lead singer Joe Russo in May of 1990.They are the very first 100% authentic Doors tribute show.

How do the surviving members feel about The Soft Parade? Have they seen or met the band?

Yes! Ray, Robby and John have all seen and/or praise The Soft Parade. Robby joined the band onstage in Paris, Ray signed a contract to tour with the Soft Parade in May of 2002, but had to bow out when the 21st Century Doors project came through. John recently attended a show incogneto and raved about it to fans. The Doors' late record producer Paul Rothchild was also a great friend and supporter.

Did any of the Soft Parade members audition for 1991 Doors movie?

No. Casting for Oliver Stone's film had already been done before the band's first public appearance (October, 1990)

Does The Soft Parade travel outside the USA?

Yes. The band has performed in over 20 countries including Germany, Holland, Italy, France, Canada, Israel, Puerto Rico and many others. Their biggest show was in Chile in November 2002 when they drew 10,000 people with no support acts!

How can I get The Soft Parade to perform in my city/state/country?

Encourage your local bar, club, venue, college, whatever to visit and go to the BOOK THE BAND link!

Can I be notified of The Soft Parade's current show dates?

Yes, go to the HOME page and join the e-mail list. You will receive weekly schedule details and latest news. (You may unsubscribe yourself at any time).

The Soft Parade has an impeccable reputation and loyal international following The Soft Parade celebrates their 15TH Anniversary The Soft Parade Doors Tribute Band has performed hundreds of concerts worldwide
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The Soft Parade has been joined onstage by original Doors guitarist Robby Krieger