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I received your "Beautiful Creatures" CD a few days ago. You asked me to give my opinion on it. I love it! The words are so sincere and poetic-very touching, straight from the heart and soul. The music itself is very unique too, not like anything I've ever heard before. It's hard to choose a favorite, so I chose my top five, they are: "Boomerang", "Helpless", "Strange Desire", "Beautiful Creatures" and "2000 Light Years From Home". Anyway, I am very impressed and I have been listening to it a lot-especially when I paint. It's very inspiring. 

Rose Kane - VA

Joe Russo-"Beautiful Creatures"
painting by Rose Kane

(Joe writes---Rose attended a recent concert of ours in Virginia for the first time  and I "met" her when she e-mailed to say thank you. Rose is an artist, and when she invited me to visit her website I was impressed with  the pure nature and simplicity of her work. I asked her to listen to "Beautiful Creatures" to see if the music would inspire her to create something to consider as artwork for the CD .This was her response. She is currently working on painting something for me and I look forward to the results of her efforts. You may visit her website at - thank you, Rose)

My most favorite songs are "Wallet," where you find the girls' wallet and then you gotta find her. I think you are a great poet. And every song telling a story appeals to me, especially if it sounds as hot as yours. I'm also crazy about "Helpless," mainly because of the perfect mix of your voice and the lyrics. Then of course there is "Beautiful Creatures" and "Boomerang". I love "Little Red Book" because it is so much fun, and "Troya" because of it's power and spirit. I go to bed listening to "Strange Desire" and smiling, and I spend my day loving every other song of yours because of it's charm, passion and words. Thank you again for sharing your music .I find that you have a distinct personality in your style-it's not like anything I've ever heard before. You are so free in what you say.

Lisa M.

From Chile-South America...

First I want to tell you that your music it's excellent for me and I was surprised when I listened to your CD for the first time because I thought it would sound only like The Doors. Your CD it's magnificent. I like all the songs but "Boomerang," "Wallet" and "Deadhouse" are incredible. I like so much the guitars in all the songs and like so much the work of your voice. It is good VERY GOOD!!! Kisses for you and congratulations for your spectacular music-you are great!!!!!!


I am listening to "Beautiful Creatures"-WOW...The other disc was such a mess from so much use because I shared it with a friend. AAAAhhhh. Phew-I'll be ordering another standby copy soon. I'm so happy-got my music playing. Thank you for your beautiful music. BC is a masterpiece, I swear it.

From Germany...

I just listened again to "Beautiful Creatures" and I'm very enthused about it. Actually,I like every song except maybe "Deadhouse". It's difficult to say which song I like best-"Helpless" is great and "Strange Desire" and "Mary's Curse"....your voice/performance goes exactly with the music-you go through every song and put your emotions in it. I appreciate very much the lyrics. They are not only realistic but also pensive and emotional. It's music to "listen" to-not "background music". You are so talented-that's why I'm pleased you started your own music. Congratulations on "Beautiful Creatures". 

Waltraud Hagemann

I really am enjoying your CD. I like most of the songs. My favorite (so far) is "Deadhouse". There are two versions of it-Version #2 is truly awesome. I like that industrial sound in music. (I can't help but being reminded of NIN in that song). Your voice sounds very solid throughout the CD. You should really be proud of all the work you have put into this. As a fan of music, I can tell you I think your music is better than most of the sh*t on the radio. If you do the right things with this CD, I'm sure you could make it big. There are a lot of people out there who would appreciate it.

Alex Vincent

You've heard it said before-haunting lyrics, diversity of style, you can dance to it-But "Beautiful Creatures" ROCKS! Joe Russo's spellbinding voice and the fluid lyrics create a tone throughout the CD that combines a certain affability with a certain uneasiness that not only rocks but is memorable. This is music you want to put in your car and take with you.

Victoria - PA

Dear Joe - I just heard your CD at a party and I am crying because no one has ever said anything about "me" in such raw emotion as you did in some of your songs. That song "Helpless" (and "Starmap") broke my f**king heart. Did you really feel that way about someone and they shaded you? If so, I SO know the downside and feel for you. You see, I am an artist (painting) at Berkley and all I do is connect to those who have knifed me, f**ked me, loved me, held me and made me. It's those people who don't even know what they've done that makes that madness of true expressionistic art. I know I am rambling, but looking at you and how you've made your feelings so palpable and realare they from one true muse; someone that ripped the fabric of your soul ,or something you could just create from sheer imagination? Sorry to trail on, but you just moved me.

B.B - Los Angeles, CA

Well where do I start? "Helpless" is my favorite because it captures perfectly a soft, pleasurable vibe of sexual instinct. My second favorite is "Starmap". This song is tranquil and easy to listen to over and over again. Great lyrics. Actually, the whole CD is fantasticly put together. I don't think there's a song on it I didn't appreciate in some capacity. "Boomerang" is awesome; it's easy to dance to because it has an even, steady beat. "Mary's Curse" has a very unique beat and allows your mind to wander into it's own comfortable space. "Strange Desire" was perfectly manipulated with the mystique of your voice. It was the song that sent chills down my spine. I was particularly impressed with "Deadhouse" - stepping it's way into a harder, more intense rhythm. t's the song you can't categorize. It's like a medium-hard rock that's easy to understand with great lyrics. Very impressive. I could go on and on. I think it's a shame if this (music) isn't introduced to the public. this is a must have CD. I'm really proud of you and (the project). Why sing Jim Morrison's songs when yours are just as good? I hope you shock the audience with some of these sometime. 

Kristina Mason

I'm listening to your CD now.  Wow, I'm impressed already.  I'm on track 4. You've really got something here.  Why aren't you doing more with this? (I'm trying - Joe R) You've captured something new and authentic.  I love it Joe.

Kris M - NY

Joe! You rock!  I've played your CD for some of my friends without telling them about (The Soft Parade)...we all love it!! Joe, it's great!  I'm so excited that you've started your own thing.  Will you ever play them out live? (We shall see - Joe R) You're a true pro my dear.  I have your CD in my car now.  I just cruise around and rock out!! I really do love your CD.  It's good to hear your voice.

Michelle - TX

Dear Mr. Russo,

I received your "Beautiful Creatures" CD as a gift. I was prepared to dislike it, but find I absolutely love it. It is different, haunting music I would purchase. Have you not solicited this to the record companies? I cannot believe someone out there would not be interested. Of course, people's eyes are open but their minds are not. I wish I knew who wrote the words to the songs. (**note-all songs were written by Joe Russo & Dino Danelli) Poetry is my first love. If you wrote the words, you too are indeed a poet-something else I wasn't expecting. In "Mary's Curse" many of the words as beautiful as your face. (Was there really a "Mary" for you? I hope not, but "there is no light without shadow, there is no happiness without pain"). Again-for what it's worth to you-"Beautiful Creatures" is terrific. I congratulate you.

Audrey Goss

I'm listening to your CD AGAIN ; ) ! Beautiful Creatures is a feast for my ears, mind, body and soul.  The more I hear it, the more I like it.


Thank you for sending your Beautiful Creatures CD to me.  It is spectacular, glorious, marvelous, wonderful, tremendous, romantic, gagagoogoo good... I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!  Your voice is so fine, Joe.  Don't bar any holds on this one, the world needs a whole lot of your music.  You can do it. I've listened to your CD about a dozen times.  I'm really encouraged.  Thank you soooo much for sharing your songs and talent.  It is so important. My favorite song is "Strange Desire," and when I heard you sing... smoother than the finest silk, that is your voice. Smooooth Joe Russo. Every song is excellent except for maybe the cover tune.  My two year old likes "Wallet," he sings it all the time with me.  My daughters like the music also but know I will play it way too much.


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